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Commercial Litigation

Assisting corporate clients with advice on assessments covering a wide range of industries, we conduct valuations of businesses for sale transactions, mergers and acquisitions, partnership disputes, partnership buy-ins, and requirements under the Acquisition of Land Act.


Our services include:

  • Valuation of intangibles, including trademarks, patents, royalties etc.

  • Tracing of assets and funds for commercial purposes

  • Due diligence investigations

  • Review of accounts to ascertain levels of any fraudulent activity

  • Corporate advisory for business acquisitions and divestitures

  • Economic loss assessments for:

    • Resumption compensation

    • Business interruption

  • Review and advice regarding valuations assessments relevant to shareholder or partnership disputes and oppression cases

  • Advisory services and assessment of losses for defamation and misconduct cases

  • Valuation of businesses and interests to assist in the determination of estates

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