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Family Law Experience

Brief snapshot of experience:


  • Calculation and critique of customs broker valuation

  • Calculation of business values utilising value to owner approach

  • Calculation and explanation of personal goodwill for specific industries

  • Advice for matrimonial – calculation using earnings per share methodology for minority shareholding

  • Advice to solicitors relating to capital gains tax implications for property splits

  • Valuation of managed tax schemes for matrimonial purposes

  • Calculation of large entertainment complexes to aid in matrimonial disputes

  • Calculation of current and co-habitation values for matrimonial purposes

  • Calculation of fine dining restaurant for de facto split purposes

  • Calculation of national grocery chain and various property investment entities for matrimonial purposes

  • Advice based on tracing of assets for matrimonial purposes involving 6 years, 36 bank accounts and over 9,000 transactions

  • Matrimonial valuation of chicken farmer based on contract value

  • Calculation of Veteran’s pension, defined benefit pension, Defence Force retirement etc.

  • Black-Scholes methodology of valuation of options for publicly listed entity for matrimonial purposes

  • Calculation of intellectual property for matrimonial purposes

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