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Copy of 13 Reasons you have to have an Efficient Business

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The word efficiency screams to me of this amazing person, who appears to have everything put together. They glide through life, easily knocking items off their to-do list, solving problems as and when they arrive. Organised to a tee, but at the same time in a way that looks effortless, almost glamorous in their approach. Procrastination is not a word that has ever entered their vocabulary.

But how do they do it? What is their secret? Have they found a wormhole that allows them to have more time, is that how they fit everything in?

This is an issue I, myself, have been pondering for a while now. As a business, we have recently been experiencing fairly steady growth. Now growth is wonderful, and I’m very thankful for it, but it also tends to highlight any issues within a business.

Rather than dwell on the negatives, I thought I would start my planning by imagining my perfect business. How would it look? How would it run? How would I feel about it? And effectively, I let myself dream of all the possibilities that are held by the ‘efficient business’:

  1. Staff glide through the day with minimal interruption to seek further clarification, as the business owner you no longer have to explain the same thing over and over again.

  2. Your projects run smoothly and every deadline is met without stress.

  3. Clients are happy as there are systems in place to ensure that their questions are answered.

  4. As a result of the systems in place, your staff have the time to sit and listen to your clients which leads to happy fulfilled customers and staff.

  5. Your staff have set levels of authority that they clearly understand which means that you aren’t being sought out constantly to solve little problems.

  6. On-boarding new staff is easy with the documented processes in place, and the logical flow means that they are able to locate the answers to their queries without needing to wait for you to respond.

  7. All those mundane repetitive tasks that used to suck the time out of your day and now run through automation, so you no longer have to repeat a task in four different areas, the automation allows you to do it once in one software program and the effects automatically flow through the others.  This also has the added benefit of one not being missed.

  8. Your brand is consistent throughout all your correspondence, marketing and communication because you have taken the time to layout brand guidelines, put in place templates and communicated this to all your staff.

  9. As a result of all of these efficiencies you are now able to.

  10. With the spare time your staff have, they have started to go through and review the expenses that your business regularly incurs and have been looking into the cheaper plans now being offered as well as the upgraded technology options, thus decreasing your expenses.

  11. Your workplace, is happy, healthy and stress-free and you find that you are able to take those three weeks off to sail through the Greek Islands without a fear of not being in constant communication with work.

  12. And with all these efficiencies in place, your business is now.

  13. Procrastination is no longer a word people fear.

Once all these possibilities are in place, not only are you going to have a business that practically runs itself, all these efficiencies are going to remarkably increase the value of your business, should you wish to sell.

Over the next few articles I plan to break down each of these areas and explain how best we can all have our ‘efficient businesses’.


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